Pencil Holder - 4 colours

COLOP e-mark® Pencil Holder

Create your own personalised stationery in seconds!

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Personalised pencils are a great gift for children and adults alike.

Now with our pencil holder personalising stationery couldn’t be easier with the COLOP e-mark and e-mark create!

Suitable for use for use with ECO pens and pencils made from natural non-shiny wood measuring 6mm diameter.

Simply slot your pen or pencil into the pencil holder recess, line up your COLOP e-mark ruler over the top, then print using your device.

Personalised stationery in seconds!

This pencil holder is made from Polylactic Acid which is derived from renewable sources such as sugar cane or corn starch.

Avaiable in 4 colours: white, blue, purple, or hot pink

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White, Blue, Hot Pink, Purple


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