COLOP e-mark® Ribbon Guides

Create your own personalised ribbons in seconds.

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The COLOP ribbon guides enables fast, easy and precise personalisation of ribbons using the COLOP e-mark. Simply thread the ribbon through the guide and slide the guide together with the e-mark sideways.  Within seconds you’ll have your very own personalised ribbon. Ideal for packing, making presents, decorating and celebrating.

The pack contains 2 guides, one suitable for 15mm wide ribbon and one for 25mm wide ribbon.


Product features

  • Ideal for accurate printing onto ribbons and paper strips
  • Set of two sizes, 15 and 25mm
  • Guarantees a perfectly aligned imprint
  • Colour: translucent grey


Weight: 40g
Dimensions (L x W x H):
150 x 80 x 7mm
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H):
200 x 130 x 14mm
Conditions of use:
The e-mark needs to be moved to print on the ribbon, not the ribbon itself.


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