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White e-mark create using the mobile app

The COLOP e-mark create is operated through an app on a smartphone or tablet, or can be operated using software for use on a PC.

You can create your own imprints in the app/software including logos, texts, images, and much more. Then simply send it to the e-mark create and it is ready to print!


Mobile App

The mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices and requires Android 7.0/iOS 11 or higher.

Using its own Wifi, imprints are sent directly from the app to the e-mark create for printing.

You can download the app for free before purchasing your e-mark create to have a look at the many possibilities of the e-mark!

Please note: since 1st June 2021 we have stopped supporting devices with Android 5 and Android 6.

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In addition to the mobile version of the e-mark create app, there is a desktop version for Windows PCs/laptops is available. It provides the same functionalities as the mobile app and has a similar touch & feel. Imprints are transferred via Wifi or USB. It works with PCs running on Windows 8.1, 10, and above.

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Please note the following before using the windows version:

  • When installing your e-mark for the first time, please connect your emark first via Wifi. This can be done through the desktop version or the mobile App. Then complete the firmware update on the e-mark – a message pops up automatically.
  • When the firmware is updated, you can then also switch to USB.
  • When using the desktop version with Wifi connection, it may be required to disconnect LAN connections first
  • The e-mark can either be connected via Wifi or USB, note the colour of the light on the back right side of the e-mark:
    blue = Wifi connection, pink = USB connection

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