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A white e-mark creating pringing a personalised ribbon

What is the COLOP e-mark create?

The COLOP e-mark create is a full-colour handheld mobile printer for personal or creative use – crafting, organising, motivating, and so much more!

Design it, print it, make it.  No matter where you are.

With the free to download app, you can design your own colourful imprints on your mobile or desktop device.  Using a combination of text, images, and even your own photos, you can personalise a whole host of objects and surfaces to create something unique to you.

Surprise your customers, family, and friends by adding creative imprints where they wouldn’t expect them. Create a WOW effect that would be sure to make them smile.


What can you do with the COLOP e-mark create?

Design your own imprint with just a few clicks using the free to download app, send it to the e-mark create via its own Wifi and print your creation instantly on different materials.

Decorate tables for parties and events, personalise gift wrapping, label your storage boxes and personal items, motivate children, organise paperwork, craft unique pieces…use your imagination and let your creativity flow!


Unique Features

Discover the special features of the COLOP e-mark create.

Ink drops

Multi-colour printing

Print in high resolution full colour with a simple sideways movement to the left or to the right. With the COLOP e-mark create printing pictures, logos, text, and more, is made easy.


Portable and compact

Take the e-mark create with you wherever you go. Small enough to fit into a handbag and with its own Wifi and battery there’s no need for local networks, internet connections, or power.


Print on many surfaces

Unlike a regular printer, the COLOP e-mark create is able to print on almost every absorbent surface such as paper, cardboard, wood, textile, cork and many others. This makes the device a very flexible creative tool.

Free software

Operate your e-mark create with the free to download the app for iOS, Android and Windows PCs with hundreds of pre-designed templates. Create your own designs or customise the preinstalled templates for every occasion.

Various accessories available

Increase the flexibiliy of the COLOP e-mark create even further with our specially developed accessories. We have Ribbon Guides and Ribbons for decorating your gifts and crafting projects, Wristbands that can be personalised events or decorative purposes, Endless-Labels with special coatings for variousl different applications, and much more.  Click here to view our shop!

Design and print in seconds

Design your own personalised imprints just using your fingertips or select one of the many different predefined templates, send and print to your e-mark create in seconds. Effortless creativity.


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