Mobile & flexible use

Create, change and transfer full colour imprints easily on the e-mark and mark wherever, whenever and however you want.


Office and organisational tool

The e-mark is a multifunctional office tool to stamp on printed documents, mark on folders or office equipment and makes the office life more diversified. Special functions such as automatic date and time, QR- and barcode generator and a set of predefined templates simplify office work.

Personalisation and marketing tool

With the e-mark, all kinds of folders, envelopes, bags,… are easily personalised and it is perfect for marketing purposes. Use it at events or in contact with your customers.

e-mark Logistics


Whenever in need of marking packages, labels or documents with barcodes, article numbers or other information, the e-mark can help. With its inbuilt battery and QR- and barcode generator included in the App it can be used wherever you need it.

Practical and flexible marking device

Use labels to mark also non-absorbent surfaces, such as plastics, glass or metal with the e-mark. It can also be used to mark on such surfaces temporarily.

e-mark HONEY

Motivational tool

The e-mark can also be used as a motivational tool and gives free rein to your creativity. Leave funny quotes or birthday wishes to your colleagues or add motivational messages in your students’ or childs’ books.